Friday, 25 October 2013

Living Life

living life     

      Sometimes we tend to wonder why everything happens the way it does in our life, especially questioning all of challenges and hardships we face. We constantly ask ourselves, "Why is life so hard?" or "Why can't life be more simple?". Because of these realizations, we may be led to frustration, anger, and sorrow.
      But we should keep in mind that all of the happenings in life have a reason or certain explanations for their existence. We may not fully understand the meanings of them, but as the saying goes, "life goes on".
      Life is full of pairs of ups and downs, and without either one of them, life would never be as fulfilling and complete as we experience it today. Therefore, we should not be merely hindered by the rough, strong waves from reaching our goals, but at the same time, we shouldn't carry a big, fat head when we somehow soar high. One cannot forever stay down below nor forever keep themselves on the top of the mountain. 
      So therefore, let's learn how to face and deal with the daily happenings in our lives with growing strength and humility along with the endless rope of love, for this kind of attitude and willpower will lead us into true happiness.