Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Very Merry 2013 Christmas

I apologize for collecting too much dust on this blog for more than a month already. My silly-willy hobbies have taken complete control over my life that I have 0 time to blog. 

While I'm reviving the blog, I might as well give it a make over! I felt I didn't really want to concentrate on color, hence removing the blue background. Now it looks super girly, oops! To my other blogmates, if you guys have any problems, I can fix it, hehe. I'm too lazy to fix other things, so I'll keep the rest as it is, until I find more motivation <><>


Merry Christmas! It's that time of year again, where the atmosphere seems extra jolly and your whole neighborhood is drowning in blinding Christmas lights (haha). I love Christmas because I have more time with myself and away from stress and pressure. This also means more time with my beloved wifi-- I mean family (and friends??).

Here are some photos of the wonderful gifts I received for Christmas 2013. My favorite gifts always come from my parents, and this year, they really surprised me. I've got my own laptop (a lenovo ideapad) and the pixiv almanac (which is basically an artbook from different artists in pixiv)! There are a few more I missed out, since I got a bit lazy setting things up (including the two special gifts :c). I mean, hanging them in hangers or laying them down on tables take a lot of effort! 


I love the pattern of this one!

Owls are always very cute. :")

I've been wanting a sweatshirt for Christmas, and just what I wanted!

I handpicked this one from Forever 21, then just get paid from person and ta-da, Christmas gift! Haha, it's more fun this way.

Just right on time, since my old watch broke down during our school's Christmas party (amazing, right?). It may be a little tricky to read the time, but it wasn't like my old watch had number too, haha.

This one is probably the most interesting design for me! Now I have a handbag, instead of borrowing one from my mom.


What did you get for Christmas? :)
- Keik