Thursday, 30 January 2014

Fort Bonifacio Shoot

Together with Cara, Laine and a friend, we took a quick, unprofessional photoshoot in Fort Bonifacio! 
If you haven't read on the details, Cara made her own post on this.

I didn't get to use my dad's DSLR (which I always use), during the photoshoot, because dumb me had to break the memory card holder in a fail attempt to insert a new card. It was really depressing on my part and I didn't feel motivated to continue on with the shooting. In the end, I forgot I was their ride to Fort, so I ended up going to bring everyone there.

Thanks a super duper lot to Laine for lending me her beautiful Olympus point and shoot camera! I got to take really great photos with it. We had to keep switching, since we were using the same camera, but it was a lot of fun.

All photos were taken by me, except for those of myself (grainy ones by Cara, and normal? ones by Lanie)

Have a great weekend, and 新年快乐!

The Harbin Adventure

A few weeks ago, Cara and I joined a winter camp/tour with a couple of our other friends in Harbin (哈尔滨), China. And I must was one of the most amazing experiences evaaa!!!!

For about 10 days, we stayed in the wintry place in the province of Heilongjiang (黑龙江), layering ourselves with jackets, gloves, hats, thermals, and the like, amidst the -22º C temperature and the slippery, icy ground. 

Joining our fellow Philippine tour group with about 40 people, from the ages of 14-22, in this winter camp, we had Chinese language classes, wushu (武术)or Chinese martial arts lessons. Some people chose to take Chinese dance lessons rather than wushu. Also, we learned a Chinese song called 青春舞曲, and doodled in some calligraphy works as well! 

One of my favorite parts of the tour was the actual touring itself! From exploring a boat museum to skiing without the 
sticks, we gained so many new and exciting experiences! Even though we had limited time to shop in the malls, we
were still able to fill our shopping bags with numerous articles of clothing, shoes, foods and snacks, and small gifts and 
souvenirs for our families and friends back home. I can't forget the time when we visited the Siberian Tiger Park, the 
trip was absolutely memorable. I mean the fact that you only had a one meter distance between you and the tiger, which
was only separated by the barred doors of a van isn't something you experience every day right? 

One of the most famous attractions in Harbin China is the ice and snow sculptures! Ahhh, an absolute beauty! I must give 
a hand to all of those talented sculptors who worked their butts off in the creation of these majestic wonders. Not a lot of
people have the ability of doing that. Although we weren't able to visit the highly popularized land of Ice and Snow 
World in Harbin, which contains the most renowned ice sculptures in the world (it wasn't open yet when we ventured 
throughout the land, huhuhuhu), we still had the chance to tour around other sculptures as well. And I must admit,
after our butts quickly went downhill on the long icy slide, the landing wasn't so comfortable!! But anyway, it was still
super fuuunnnnnn!!

Let's take a look at some of the pictures! 
A view from the hotel

A colorful ice sculpture!

Photo by Kendrick Cobankiat

A European-like shopping building

Our calligraphy class!
Our Philippine tour group!! Credits to the camera dude Mars!

This is one of the Siberian tigers I was talking about
Photo by Kendrick Cobankiat
This was one of the first snow sculptures that we saw!
Photo by Kendrick

But honestly, the reason why I enjoyed all of those activities was the fact that I was able to make new
friends and spend time with them all. I super duper love being with the whole tour group because they make every moment
so special even in simplest ways. They're like my family already. <3

Sadly, the tour only lasted for like, 12 days, which was of course too short to explore Harbin more and go shopping!
(Actually, now that I think of it, I probably wouldn't have enough money to go on a shopping spree there. Oh well!)
But even though the trip wasn't long, Cara and I were still able to make the best out of the stay! Not a single day 

I hope to be able to bring my whole family there one day, and hopefully be able to renew all of those memories that were
created from this trip! Cheers to Harbin!


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

High Street Saturday

Today's a Tuesday.. and it's a new film day (as I've mentioned three months ago.... ha ha ha)

So much for introductions I tried

Anyway, last Saturday, Laine, Keik, another friend named Sydney, and I all went to Bonifacio Global City to have a photoshoot. It's partly for their project (some sort of talent show, and they decided that theirs was to take photos. so they did) but I just tagged along to take my own photos (I grouped with another classmate and Yeollie for the project). We actually arrived sometime around 10am, and most stores were still closed so we were resigned to the outdoors (where it was kinda really sunny and hot). The theme is something related to winter/fall, thus their outfits.

For this photoshoot, I actually brought three rolls of film with me (one was already loaded and partially used). Since I finished only two, those were the ones I got developed. Sadly, the first roll had only 7 salvaged photos (I still have no concrete idea why. The only problem with the first roll is that it's expired, so maybe that had something to do with it) and those are dark and grainy, quite unlike my previous photos. Despite these, however, I still hope that you enjoy my shots c:

As usual, taken with Penelo-P, my Nikon FG-20

Keik with Laine's camera 
Left to.. Bottom (HAHA sorry)- Keik, Laine, Sydney, Me

levitating photos are the bomb (also, Keik's makeup)

(insert hashtag here) ITRIED 

[Levitating Photo]; resembled a sort of ad for lushcosmetics oops

                            Apparently I like to do this comparing of photos thing
right outside of fully booked, a fail levitating shot that looks pretty decent

Sydney and her sister Chelsea

[Photo taken by Keik]

The following photos are from the first roll (weeps); they ended up to be dark and/or extra grainy

Shot outside of my window

I tried to double expose and I think I sort of succeeded (outside my window again)
Hobbes and Landes before the store opened. The two figures were positioned behind the doors and it looked just creepy and adorable. I think I made it look more creepy than the latter, though. (darn you film)

Well, that's it for now. Until I get my next film roll developed (continuation there, although not anymore photoshoot-y.)

xx Cara