Friday, 14 February 2014

A Day in Baguio

This trip was rushed from start to end.

So it was initially supposed to be on a Friday, but things happened and now it's moved on a Wednesday, boohoo. I ended up skipping class for Baguio, where we spent approximately 16 hours in the car and 7 in Baguio (I'm cool.). Half of the trip was for work purposes, and the other half was just for sight seeing and doing whatever we wanted. Yeah! It wasn't as cold as I had expected either, even with the cold months.

Photos were taken with either a point and shoot camera or an iPhone 4S. No DSLR because it's broken and will probably stay broken (quietly cries).

I'd like to start of first with a bunch of

We went to Baguio to sell my grandparent's house. We were all deciding what to bring home and what to leave here, but my grandmother kept insisting that we bring everything home, because sayang (what a waste). In the end, more time to look around the house while they argue for me.

Hipstur shuts.

I swear, I'm not on the horse!

Uh, I feel like it's trying to tell something to me...

This is in Good Shepherd, where nuns make jams for the education of children.

Strawberry picking.

That's it! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Everyone is just bombarded with school and other ideas.