Tuesday, 25 March 2014

In Between Two Months

After what seemed like an eternity, I'm glad to be able to say that we're back. Sort of. I think. Well, the last post being dated more than a month ago, at least.

So, real life got in the way of things again. Since we live in the Philippines, our academic calendar starts at June and ends in March- meaning the last two months are extremely packed with stress, killer quizzes, deadlines, exams, and are just about as vital as all the first three quarters combined. With all the hustle and bustle, blogging had been the last thing on our minds-- but expect more posts to come as it's officially 



it tastes just as sweet as cupcakes.

My last post had been about the High Street photoshoot, and I did mention a roll of undeveloped film I had. In it was a combination of all sorts of happenings since maybe January, and I got it developed last week.

Actually, just an update on my life, because it's totally interesting. After school ended, I hadn't had a single idle day, that is, until getting back from a family trip to Hong Kong, and it's because I got sick. And it wasn't even serious-sick. it was a really slight fever that diminished over the course of a few hours- except I still felt terribly unwell. I ended up having to cancel my piano lessons (which I felt sad about) and not going to kumon (which I was relieved about). Since feeling better around two days ago, I've been bumming around the house, watching bates motel (i watched four episodes today), and stalking vera farmiga's list of films. 
(like, I'm currently watching The Departed and typing this with the sad realization that i can't tell mark wahlberg and matt damon apart) 

Now without further ado, I present to you the photos. (including the Hong Kong photos hooray!)

I. The What's-Been-Going-On-In-Cara's-Life Portion

II. The High Street Portion

Continuation of part I: Keik's Birthday Surprise Ver.

my friends have the most elegant fashion sense.

III. Hong Kong

shoe selfie 1

we rested on a bench and it felt really good to lie down. this was my view. 

me: hey mom wait i have to take a photo
mom: okay (proceeds to stand in a corner and wait)

shoe selfie 2

Also, please check out my soundcloud. I recently had a collab with a friend, and we covered Paper Forest by Emmy the Great. My singing is quite pitchy tho, so I might fix that sometime when I'm not feeling lazy.
If you enjoyed it/want to hear more, you can follow me as we're planning on making another one very soon.

xx Cara