Thursday, 22 May 2014

Latest Lettering Works

Ahhh it's been a while since we've posted!

To update you all, I've been spending my summer through lots of lettering works and staying indoors ('cause it's just too hot outside, 37 degrees Celsius oh my Philippines).

Here are some of my favorites :)

I bought mini canvas boards which also includes a frame during my trip to the US (will post about that soon)! Anyway, so happy that I was able to put one into good use! 

Used Prisma Colored Pencils! One of my favorite brands of art supplies! 

This 'word collage' took forever to make! But I'm proud of the results, especially with the enormous amounts of erasing!

More colors!! Haha usually I just use black ink pens!  


and more quotes...

and more quotes! hahaha obsessed with quotes :)

another word collage! It's still a work in progress!
Anyway, hope you enjoy these works of mine! Still trying to improve everyday! As they say, practice makes perfect! I encourage you all to give lettering a try! Really fun way to relieve some stress!

Hope you have a great rest of week!

-Bea (Behya) 

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  1. bea!! where did you get you prismacolor color pencils and how much? @.@ 😭😭 -Kim ng

  2. what a talented letterer!! Hope I'll learn how to make good typography too! hehe have a great day :D

    <3 Jam of