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The Loquacious Square is ran by four teenage girls with different tastes. Here is a brief introduction of them, each done by a different friend.

Lover of quotes; (and as her instagram bio says) amateur foodie and adventure enthusiast; doesn’t love coffee as much as other people may; doesn’t watch game of thrones and such shows either; bookish worm (at least not a parasite); takes pretty good photos; science + math amazingness combo that will rock your socks off. Okay.
Aside from the usual “Laineblu is a 14-year old student with a penchant for heartwarming thoughtbarfs living somewhere in Asia since she moved from the land of bread where it apparently wasn’t west enough to be very cold”, I’ll try to make this bearable. Hopefully.
Laineblu didn’t run away from home to join the circus like The Great Kate Weather Machine, nor does she specialize in measuring objects and similar.. objects. (she does, however, specialize in academic blarb and inspirational goals and beautiful font-making (yep) due to her impeccable handwriting that she calls ugly but really isn’t)

This person would probably find it interesting, not-very-enticing and daunting to sail around Asia instead of sit everyday for eight hours taking standardized tests and listening to teachers preaching about their designated topics. But then again, she might not exactly jump at the opportunity to go alone; and would instead go on a tour group with assigned adults, which makes sense since she doesn’t exactly have a direwolf to protect her on the way. (and has already experienced the latter)

During break times on school days, one would often find her with a notebook or schoolbook, unnecessarily reviewing for a test or something or other with Yeollie and Keik. (with Cara sometimes pitching in before giving up because of their unusually high academic tolerance). However, you wouldn’t find her eating snacks, as she is (surprisingly) not fond of it and would rather do more fulfilling activities in its stead. (and it makes total sense). As she is very fond of writing (and has beautiful writing skills), she would want to share her wonderful blessings to the world through this blog; with her experiences and inspirational not-just-quotes. So don’t forget to read her part of the blog, as she will really, surely, truly, rock your (plain white ankle length) socks off. Just don’t feel too self conscious. You have been forewarned.

Btw you can call her by her real name, Bea (Behya)

Catch her at Instagram @justbeaself

Keik is a friendly, fun-loving girl, who never fails to make you smile happily. She  never forgets to spend time with her family and friends, and as the eldest child, she continues to develop a loving and caring personality. Her responsible and approachable self causes everyone to admire and adore her. At the same time, she also has a knack for silliness and creative humor. And despite all of the challenges she has to face, she always remains optimistic and persevering in order to accomplish her dreams and goals.

This exuberant, cheerful girl loves to do SO MANY activities, such as baking, cooking, sewing, crocheting, and playing videogames during her free time. As an avid artist, she also devotes her time to paint and draw all kinds of figures, especially anime. Currently, Keik is looking forward to improving her photography skills, using her free time to have mini photo-shoot sessions with her friends and family. Also, she is quite fond of watching Asian dramas, and then after watching, she'd always talk and chat with some of her friends about the episodes and her feelings and thoughts on the drama. And...while doing all of these activities, she still remains as a consistent honor student at school with talents in speaking and logical thinking. With all of these special talents and her value for time management, you will be amazed and beautifully awed by this ''super girl''.

Be prepared to read these many hobbies and interests of Keik, only at The Loquacious Square!

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Yeollie is your stereotypical Asian girl, who gets straight A's (and even A+'s) and lives in a family with strict, austere parents. Yeollie is the most humble and down-to-earth person you could ever meet, who, at most cases, always considers others before herself. She also isn't the type of person who would easily get swayed by material possession, thus she is contented in living a simple yet complete life with her family and friends. Yeollie is a shy and conservative person in general giving off an innocent personality, but once you get to know her, Yeollie can be extremely silly and funny at the same time. She is also very hardworking and diligent in everything that she does and can even become perfectionist in some cases. Yeollie will never let you down with her fruitful results of hard work.

In Yeollie's free time, you can often find her studying for an exam for the following day or just advance for the next lessons, watching Asian dramas online (particularly Taiwanese once, since she is very eager to learn Chinese language), spending quality time with her family by eating out or going to the malls together, admiring her favorite Korean group, Infinite, or just watching whatever videos she can find on YouTube. Yeollie is also an avid dog lover and has 2 dogs at her house and 3 at the office. She has a special place in her heart for dogs.

In The Loquacious Square, Yeollie writes about the several interesting events she encounters in her life.

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Christella, or Cara as she would like more people to call her, is someone who can brighten up your day with her special greetings and interesting stories. She is a selfless and responsible classmate who can sacrifice her time and effort for her class. She has this timid but friendly character. Even if you had just met her, she can already be very open with you by showing her weird happy self with comments that can make people laugh.

She is also a person with many hobbies such as singing, reading books and news articles, watching movies and series. Her voice is so beautiful that it can lead you to have goosebumps. Her music style is also unique. It is more on a mix of the classics and Broadway music which is very soothing to hear. Usually, you can see her reading a book. Some find it very amusing that you can bombard her with questions while she reads her book and she still won't be annoyed and will even answer your useless/random questions. Some admire her patience and skills in multitasking, something that is hard to attain. At home, if she is not reading it is likely that she will be watching a movie or a series. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Weeds, are only some of what she enjoys to watch during her spare time.

Look forward to reading about Cara's interesting life and random but cool things about them!

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