Thursday, 2 January 2014

Corregidor Weekend

But before that, I just want to say Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone! Even though it's quite late already. Anyway, after my last post, we all sort of disappeared into our own hole but now we're back! (literally in my and lanie's case. We both came back from Harbin some three days ago)

So before leaving for Harbin, my two sisters, mom and I all went on a Corregidor tour! (he he heh tenks dealgrocer) and it was amazing. We stayed two days, Saturday and Sunday. First thing we did when we got there was ride the tranvia to take the tour, then after the tour was over we went back to rest into the hotel, then back to see the sunset and explore the Malinta Tunnel where during WW2 it became some sort of hospital. Oh and we visited the Corregidor hospital itself too, except something like.. ruins of what it used to be (no pictures on those tho, since dark = sad photos). The next morning, actually early in time for the sunrise, we got up and going yeaaaah! I think we just went inside one of the Japanese caves, then went back. It felt pretty short, but since our guide was very informative (apparently his dad used to work there and he frequented the place during his youth and grew up with it) we got to learn more about the place and enjoy more than we would have. (And i'm sorry if this part is quite incoherent, I can't seem to write properly despite how much I love history)

Now, off with the long paragraphs and on with the photos! As usual, I used Penelo-p.

Oh oh oh wait! I want to do this thing about putting a song for every post (i'll expand to playlist sometime, when I get off my lazy bum and use my 8tracks account) and so here, Welcome Home, Son by Radical Face seems fitting. (it is also a very very very amazing song that you have to listen to, dear reader. just do it)

(if you want to know what Corregidor is before scanning the photos, then you might want to visit your dear friend, google beforehand)

heh heh heh

our tour guide, Eduard

Corregidor inn

my sisters and I had been arguing on the meaning of these flags. One said it was the nationality of most tourists, while I said something along the lines of allies. Apparently they were the axis and allied powers, so I ended up being more correct than her, haha!

I didn't try to focus on the trees, rather I zoomed out. 

I had to take two photos, because i didn't notice that the goat had looked behind on the first.

the mouth of the Malinta Tunnel is visible in this photo, if you look closely

i have no idea how the sky became purple.


had nothing much to put as captions tho. I hope these pictures were.. entertaining? Or appealing enough, I'm not so sure. Regardless, Corregidor is a wonderful place jam-packed with so much history. Definitely a must-visit.

Before the Corregidor Weekend

From here onwards would be what I'd been up to after the photoshoot last november and before the Corregidor weekend, namely shooting some infomercial video for class, and Lanie's birthday celebration (but it was the pre-birthday, when the rest of us prepared a bunch of little somethings for her without her knowing)

Home by Gabrielle Aplin

I forgot what these were called, but in Harbin we saw fake flowers like these as well.

Our close friend's name is Sydney, and we usually infiltrate her house. They have these plants, and they're kinda cute.

This reminded me of our investigative project because we're using shells! haha sadness.

aaaah this is cat's younger sister. I'm totally not a creeper.

during the infomercial video shooting (which was in cat's house), someone took this photo, and it's adorable. 

because selfie-ing on glass is pretty cool.

Anyway, these are what I had been up to. I disappeared into a black hole, but I've returned! (probably to disappear again, but life gets in the way)



  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it (:
    the pictures looks really good and it makes me wanna go travel right now :(

    1. aaaaaah thank you!! I feel so flattered right now haha! I hope you enjoy future posts and get to travel soon c: xx Cara

  2. these pictures look amazing, hope you had a wonderful time x

    btw i followed you from the bright side blog!

    would you be willing to check my blog out and maybe follow?

    1. Thank you very much! And sure, already did xx Cara