Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014: Just Do It

Welcome to 2013 4! (I'm going to have to get used to that.)

Last year was filled with tons of great experience with myself, my hobbies and my social life (still working on it, but hey, it's improving)! Some of my interests of last year (if I remember correctly) are photography, drawing, make-up, (Super) Dangan Ronpa, cosplaying, photoshop, tumblr, roleplaying and lots more.

This year, I want to discover new things and at the same time, broaden my knowledge of my hobbies. Mostly, try new stuff, though, because #yolo. A new year means new opportunities. Another school year (harder than the last) for new learning, another summer for summer classes and free time and wow anything really I love summer, another Christmas and basically, another year. 

For 2014, I made a brief goals and wishlist that I want to achieve during the year. Although I'm probably not going to be too strict, but if at some point in life I get stumped, I can always reflect back to the little list I made to redirect me. Also, due to my unstable motivation to do things, who knows if my interest will end up dying.

1. I just want to experience bulk shopping, like coming home with such beautiful blouses and skirts omg. I really want somewhere cheap, and I've been thinking of Taobao.

2.  More art books! /screams I really want indie artbooks though and most especially from artists who I really admire, or a collaboration project thing ya know.

3. It's been such a long time, since I cosplayed (like Summer). I already have a wig. I just need a costume.

4. I really want to travel around, particularly Asian countries like, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China(?).

5. I would love make-up tools and product, especially ulzzang related ones (because I am so hooked to those at the moment, ha). Also, I want to actually know how to put on make-up. Whenever I do, my eye liner goes all wobbly.

6. Continue my honor streak, by getting averages of A's and hopefully even a straight A(+) in the future!

Thank you for reading! Comments, opinions and your resolutions are welcomed and encouraged.

On to 2014! 

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