Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The lost was found

      High school life has pressured me more to find my path in life. While everyone is striving to find themselves to ready for  college, I just stay still like a lost puppy. This is one of those times I feel like I don't belong anywhere..so I am pressured to just blend in or even be stressed. I'm not saying this is bad though.. sometimes it's also good to worry about the future,but we also need to trust in God, right?

     I think there are many times in our lives we don't know what to do or are even discouraged because of the pressure we get from people. I found a way to solve my problem. I may not have solved it yet, but I know I can by the learning from this drama.

    Watching a drama called "In A Good Way" made me realize the purpose of life and see the positive side of the world. Although it's setting is during the 1990s, all the events are still relatable and interesting. The difference in songs and devices because of the the generation gap also adds up to the list of charms that this show has. I even learned about amusing things such as mp3 players which they bring in their everyday bags and pagers which are cute but sometimes inconvenient. Every time I watched an episode, I would always feel recharged, like eating my favorite food haha. 

Now it's time for me to talk about the awesomeness or of this show!!

     This drama is set during 1994 in Taiwan. It depicts a life of a smart but dependent girl who is in search for her own path. Because of her overly possessiveness to her best friend, Ren Wei, she has lost her own freedom. Her possessiveness even drove her to ruining her future and even caused her to face many other consequences. She then has to find her own way and stay away from her best friend's shadows to regain herself. Will this dependent and unlucky girl ever find her freedom?

Main Characters
Liu chuan- the king the college university, smart,handsome and sporty.
Jia En- a dependent girl who is in search for her own path 
Ren Wei- a childhood friend of Jian En, guitarist and singer, occasionally annoying
Bai Xue- the queen of the college university and has a secret crush

5 Reasons why I love this drama:

1. It teaches me a lot about life in an interesting way.
- inspiring quotes from the characters:

"Failure is the mother of success"-Ren Wei
"Freedom is measured on how much you understand it" - Liu Chuan's grandfather

"If you are stuck in another person's life, you cannot find your own potential."- Liu Chuan

- learnings/ realizations
  • We need independence to find our passion or path in life.
  •  Problems should be faced to be solved.
  • The right friends can lead you to the right way.
  • We should be brave enough to stand up for what is right.

And many more :)

2. That part may have made you a little bored because of the massive amount of words... Here is the more interesting part, the romance and friendship.
- unlike most Asian dramas, this show shows the reality of relationships. (Ups and downs)

- the friendship between the characters is cute and touching~~

(You'll understand once you watch:)))

- all the love relationships have potential because each couple complements each other.(I really love the chemistry between the couples)

- whenever I watch an episode, I turn bipolar which scares my mom sometimes..:)) I cry, laugh and giggle all in just an hour(one hour per episode)

3. It teaches me new Chinese words which I find very fun :)
4. It captures the hearts of dog lovers like me with the mischievous and adorable character, MOMO!

5. Lastly, it strengthens me and inspires me wake up everyday with a smile.  
- try listening to the song, "Hello Good Morning Hard City"! 
The lyrics of this song is really inspiring. :)

If you want the English lyrics, feel free to comment below so I can send it to you :) Oh, if you also have a Weibo account, you can also befriend me by commenting you username! :) I would be happy to add you to my short list of friends.

At the moment, the drama is still showing and only 10 episodes have been released. Hope you will watch this drama with me and also fill your life with joy! If you are planning to watch, you can watch in viki.com which releases new episodes every Saturday!:)
* disclaimer. All pictures are from viki.com.

Thank you for reading~~ hope you enjoyed it :)


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