Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Kick Off Sale + "A" Haul

Before I start, I just want to rant on how I finished this draft, and when I was about to upload it, everything tuned blank and I lost everything! It was really depressing, so I'll just have to do everything again, but making it quick and short this time. Does this happen to you too?

Anyway, I'm back with a shopping haul! I don't often go shopping, but this is an exception.
Rockwell had a "Kick Off" sale, that ended last week and I was able to get really great stuff. Since our school report card was given on that week too, I received Php 3,000 to spend with my A grade. I got to buy a lot and spend not too much, yay! I have never made so much decisions in my life, until today, haha.

Let's start!


1. Laced boots - Topshop - Php 925.50 (70% off)

2. High waist shorts - BAYO - Php 400+ (50% off)

3. 3/4 sleeved top - BAYO - Php 695

4. Laced top - Dorthy Perkins - Php 572.50 (50% off)

5. Dress - Dorthy Perkins - Php 1,172.50 (50%)

6. Knited sweater - Warehouse - Php ??? (50% off)

9. Black Gel Ink Pen - MUJI - Php 65

10. Tint Lip Balm - The Face Shop - Php 495
11. Nose strip - The Face Shop - Php 35
12. Sunblock - The Face Shop - Php 0

Thanks for reading!
Any comments are appreciated.

Next up: Laineblu and I are planning our first fashion photoshoot this weekend featuring Fall/Winter outfits.


  1. Cute new shopping finds- found your blOg through the Social Tuesday hop! :) cute blog site!

    1. Thanks a lot! Oh, yeah, I did join that. Nice seeing you here too.

  2. Replies
    1. Ugh, I know right? I just can't get enough of them.

  3. Love your blog! Just followed! :D xo

    1. Oo, thanks! That's really nice to hear from you. Your blog is gorgeous and followed too.