Thursday, 30 January 2014

Fort Bonifacio Shoot

Together with Cara, Laine and a friend, we took a quick, unprofessional photoshoot in Fort Bonifacio! 
If you haven't read on the details, Cara made her own post on this.

I didn't get to use my dad's DSLR (which I always use), during the photoshoot, because dumb me had to break the memory card holder in a fail attempt to insert a new card. It was really depressing on my part and I didn't feel motivated to continue on with the shooting. In the end, I forgot I was their ride to Fort, so I ended up going to bring everyone there.

Thanks a super duper lot to Laine for lending me her beautiful Olympus point and shoot camera! I got to take really great photos with it. We had to keep switching, since we were using the same camera, but it was a lot of fun.

All photos were taken by me, except for those of myself (grainy ones by Cara, and normal? ones by Lanie)

Have a great weekend, and 新年快乐!

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  1. Great photos Keik! Looks like a fun day after all. So sorry to hear about your dad's camera. :(