Sunday, 3 November 2013

Of Film Cameras and Filters

No, not the filters used for aquariums. Not the kind used to separate nonexistent specks out of tap water, either. (you know, when you try to deem it suitable for consumption. whatever.) Rather, it's more of those instagram-esque looking filters (i.e. those used to make photos look old and aging and.. cool, in some way)

*A short history of the life of cara in the past x days/weeks/months/years*
And by that I mean how my sister told me that my mother dearest had an ancient film slr camera that she never used and how I ended up looking for it and turning the living room upside down until I told my eldest sister about it who then promptly told me that it was in her possession after all and in her desk drawer since she found it oops and how she was planning to bring it with her to the long lost isles where she now resides in and how I never really knew if it had film inside of it, and also how I was too afraid to check and unknowledgeable about film slrs to operate it and how I ended up finishing the frames it had and how I ended up exposing it to light and how I felt sad and how afterwards, I read the newly found manual and how I bought new film and how Keik and I arranged for us to have a photo-taking session and how I felt not so amateur for about two hours and how it feels really good to have developed photos even though they're in a cd and how they look pretty vintage and how I love the feel.
(And to think I found out about the camera around two years ago............)

Anyway, on with the post- here are a bunch of pictures taken last October 28, Monday, with my pretty trusty Nikon FG-20 that I now love + Keik. Our peg was something like nostalgia + fairy tales, but I'm not sure if I succeeded with that. (I took more photos two days after that, will post when I get them developed)

But first-

Her name's Penelo-P, just because I can break it with a hyphen and feel cool.


By now I hope I'm not boring you, dear/undear reader. Here are some of the photos-

A supposed picnic

One of my favorite shots, for some reason

According Girl-in-the-Photo, it looked heavily filtered-- I'm quite happy to say it's not.

because it pays to have different views..

...and angles.

This house looked cuter and more vintage than the rest; although that's not very evident. (first off, you can't see the rest)

An attempt to use a low ISO and high shutter speed to capture the moment, and succeeded only in taking dark photos.
Another one of my favorite shots, not very sure why. Beautiful legs, perhaps?

Special thanks to- 

Neil Gaiman for the book "Fortunately, the Milk", featured in several photos (HAHA)
My mother, for the beautiful film slr
Keik, for the venue and the model
The model, for her beautiful presence and clothes
Penelo-p, for not giving up on me and capturing actual photos
Girl-in-the-photo, for being (and I quote) "Totes useful in the photoshoot"

In relation to my title, I realized that filters didn't quite amount to much/wasn't explained exactly- but what I meant was probably how the photos looked filtered even though they weren't, and how I'm happy my film camera managed to do that. That's it. In total, 29 photos survived-- the rest succumbed to wrong settings and a relatively dark environment. 

To sum it up, dear reader (or undear.... yep), I hope you enjoyed my (quite lengthy) post ++++ pictures. 


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