Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Park We Grew Up with

(I obviously don't have the creativity for titles, but I tried.)

This week has truly been a photo-taking extravaganza with the DSLR!

In fact, I actually don't own the camera. Instead, I'm just borrowing it from someone else, but nevertheless I try to make every moment I have with it memorable (and I mean, take memorable photos, haha).

Happy (not really) Halloween, everyone!

I spent this year's halloween with my cosplay team in the park, and we had loads of fun. Everyone was dressed up as their favorite character running around and posing for the camera. Of course, I wasn't dressed up that day, but instead took the photos and laughed at some of their wacky face (although you won't be seeing them right now).

Not to mention, I was really tempted to take photos of the little kids in costumes running around, but I decided to control my thoughts just now.

Here are the few decent pictures I got to capture.


She's doing a wonderful job advertising those blue colored chips.

Honestly love this shot! She truly looks like a magical girl.

Not in a particular costume for this one.

Last but not the least, Ed approves of The Jelly Bean Factory! Nah, we just picked it up from one of our house-to-house halloween trips.

Be ready to see more photos soon from this week!
- Keik

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