Saturday, 9 November 2013


      Was there a time when you were able to meet someone you never thought you could ever see? I have, and it felt like the lines  of our lives that were once parallel bent to intersect at some point. (haha from math class) :) Everything felt so surreal when I finally saw my long time idols, Infinite!

   An hour before the concert, I was in my car just casually talking to my sisters like nothing extravagant was going to happen next. But once I reached the venue, I felt the so nervous that I needed to pee (I pee a lot when I get nervous). The venue was painted with white (looked like heaven) and Infinite songs resounded throughout the whole venue. Even just hearing their songs being played in a building filled with happy and lively fans made my heart flutter.

   After about 40 minutes of waiting, the guards finally let the frantic girls inside the venue. As I walked inside, screams of girls never stopped and I felt like I was going to go deaf anytime, but I bore the loud screams to see what I came there for, INFINITE~ Waiting for 10 more minutes in the venue made me very anxious, and so I took pictures of the bare stage. (this may sound useless but those pictures are precious to me:) The stage looked so awesome with the High quality backdrop with the big logo of infinite rotating. I was so happy because I felt so proud of  Infinite, who so not long ago, was just an unknown band to the K-pop world, then becoming so famous and adored.

sorry for the low quality photo.. my itouch's camera is not very nice.

        Even without seeing the boys, fans were already cheering and screaming the members' names while only watching the infinite music videos. I thought they were just a little OA (over acting) but I guess they were just too excited :). At last, the concert started and the boys started dancing and singing their second to the latest song, Destiny. But because I sat at the far back, I just felt like I was watching their video on Youtube and so with  that idea, I was just sitting on my seat quietly watching their synchronized choreography but it suddenly hit me that I was in the same room as them and this is a once in a lifetime experience which I should appreciate.

You can see how small they looked like so I ended up just watching from the big screen.
    Despite feeling down because of the distance of the stage from my seat, I  still enjoyed the concert. You would feel the same when it comes to someone you care about. I didn't care if I didn't see them, the most important thing was their presence and their voice which were heard throughout the whole venue :) They performed my favorite songs and I sang along with the fans.

    My favorite part was MYUNGSOO's solo! He sang "Love U, Like U" with such a cute giant teddy bear while playing guitar. His deep unique voice made the audience scream really loud that it almost made my eardrums pop! I was too shy to scream with them so I just smiled really widely from ear to ear. :) 

 A link of a photo of Myungsoo's performance
* I have to admit, his voice is not the best voice to hear but his face and personality make people feel attracted to him :)) HAHAHA
    The fans in the concert were so much crazier than me. I even saw a fan who was wearing a Hello Kitty costume and another standing and jumping on top of a chair. Well, everyone has their own way to show their support, right? :)) Something which amazed me about the fans were their synchronization and unity in singing  and chanting the names of the idols. In one song, like someone was conducting the audience, the whole audience chanted the names of the members together in specific parts  of the song. 

Photo of the fans with glow sticks,glow ears and all the other glowing things! (It was too sad I wasn't able to buy one.. I really wanted one..)

      Some other memorable experiences where the interaction between the Infinite members and the audience. Their effort to talk in English so we could understand better made me feel special! Woohooo special special girl~~ (lyrics to their song) Although I should have felt touched, I felt more like laughing when I couldn't  understand anything they were saying because of their mispronunciations :)) Their constant effort to make us feel special and loved made the concert worth paying for :).(Even if they were just trying to flatter us) Their closing remarks was what broke the hearts of all the fans as they bowed to leave. I guess there will always be a goodbye... This almost made me cry but what stayed in my heart was what the Infinite members said, "We'll always stay in your hearts". (I know it's so cheesy :) but it's also sweet, right?) hehehe

Infinite waving goodbye~

their 90 degree bow -  to show their respect

    If you are interested in knowing about Infinite, I recommend you listen to their songs by visiting their company's official channel, at For more questions about infinite, you are free to ask me!~ To help you memorize each member, you can watch their variety shows too :) My personal favorites are ''Sesame Player'' and ''Ranking King''. BECOME AN INSPIRIT (what you call infinite fans) LIKE ME!~

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! I'll try to make all my posts as interesting as possible! :)  

                                                                                                                          - Yeollie


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