Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Typography Unfolded

Introducing my latest obsession...typography! I've been inspired by many artists (actually most of them are my super artistic friends) and decided to try it out myself! And once I started, I honestly couldn't stop. (sounds weird, but totally true)

For most of my works, I use various quotes that I randomly found in books and the Internet, most especially through Facebook and Instagram. I know that quotes can be too mainstream, BUT I must say, they're really really inspiring. And I also mustn't forget to give credits and show gratitude to the pens/markers of Sharpie, Muji, and Uni Pin, which have been all used in at least one of my projects. These pens/markers are absolutely amazing!

I'd like to share two of my works, which can both be seen below. Hopefully, as time passes by, I'll be able to share more of my typography and improve my skills as well.

One of my favorite quotes by Helen Keller
A quote by the great Vince Lombardi

For me, typography's just one of those unique things that captivates one's mind and creativity, and lets one's true self be more defined. :) A creation of art, indeed.

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