Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Tuesdays are new film days

Which makes sense since I was supposed to post these yesterday (but then I decided to ask permission from my lovely model first). Anyway, the shop I go to only process film on Tuesdays, hence the title (and this makes me look forward to Tuesdays, that is, when I have film to develop)

Anyway, remember how I said that I took more photos after the nostalgia + fairy tales peg? Well, here they are. Originally, we weren't supposed to have a photo taking session- whatever you call it. Our plan was to make a cover, but instead we searched polly pockets on google and reminisced on them and took lots of photos and watched game of thrones. (an afternoon well spent, indeed)

I think you're lovely

Because this is one very beautiful cat on a very beautiful staircase with very beautiful plants.

One of the 374289054686 close up photos of Cat's beautiful face.

I love how it looks like green is gushing above like a waterfall

Probably my dream photo taking venue (love it)

On the way to the poolside, there was this house with the most adorable birdhouse. Of course I took a photo (there was a cctv too, I made sure to wave)

I used different settings on these to see the effects, but then I ended up forgetting which settings I used on which.. whoopz

hey there, she says

The last five photos on film was of Keik- we were supposed to try levitating photos but I ran out before that could be accomplished. Thus, next time's peg shall be levitating photos. I hope you enjoyed!

*Catch Cat on her tumblr!


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